FirstClose ONE is available on Calyx Point®

With the integration of the FirstClose ONE platform, Calyx Point® users can order instant property reports as well as credit, flood, valuation, tax and title directly from the Point platform.

Calyx Point users are able to leverage a proprietary method that uses real-time property data, geo location, and market conditions to determine the most suitable valuation and title products for each loan scenario. Where standard valuation automation focuses on loan details in valuation selection, suitability logic is centered on property data.

This integration enables users to significantly speed up turn times and reduce costs, ensuring they stay profitable and keep borrowers happy. These efficiency gains will also help users to stay competitive, regardless of the current market conditions.

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FirstClose Equity

If you want an all-in-one turnkey solution that delivers more home equity business with an enhanced customer experience, FirstClose Equity is where it’s at.

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