Vulnerability Reporting Policy

As a valued partner or customer of FirstClose, we want to ensure that we conduct business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity. FirstClose maintains a Code of Conduct Policy for ethical behavior, and we take any violations of these policies seriously.
Our management team sets the tone for our culture and holds all employees and consultants accountable for operating ethically and in compliance with labor laws, financial regulations and other standards that apply to our businesses. We provide relevant tools, resources, and training to help employees succeed and to recognize ethical decision-making.

To further our commitment to integrity and an ethical culture, we maintain an Ethics & Compliance Hotline. Reports will be kept confidential and anonymous if that is your preference. Every inquiry is fully investigated, and actions are taken as needed.

Ethics & Compliance Hotline Information
Direct: (512) 647-6037

Please note that this hotline is not intended for emergency situations. If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at (877) 677-3282 or your local authorities.