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Everything old is new again, right? Case in point: Home Equity. These products have been around for decades but in recent years have taken a back seat to cash-out refinances. Now this is changing as borrowers with historically low first mortgage rates and generationally high levels of tappable equity rediscover HELOCs.

Leverage this historic opportunity with FirstClose Equity, the rapid end-to-end solution that processes HELOCs and home equity loans in days instead of weeks. We designed FirstClose Equity to enable banks and credit unions to dramatically elevate the experience they deliver to their existing or potential customers.

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Built Specifically for Home Equity

Decades ago, we designed and developed the first and only home equity system. Today, it continues to be the only platform built solely for this purpose, which is why it is smarter, better and faster than any other me-too solutions on the market.


Reduction in Time from Application to Funding


Increase in Online Applications


Increase in Pull Through

FirstClose equity is an award-winning platform currently integrated and available on Encompass® by ICE Mortgage Technology and the MeridianLink® One platform.


“The buildout of the Digital Lending Platform has been nothing short of exceptional. We have already forecasted an 80% increase for our home equity pipeline.”

David Brand, VP of Consumer Lending for Sharonview Federal Credit Union

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